Therapeutic Massage

We offer chair & table options:
Swedish Esalen – The most commonly requested massage therapy. Light to medium pressure. A deeply relaxing and balancing style that focuses on all the major muscle groups.

Pre- or Post-Natal – Safely targets all the areas of tension in this time of change. Promotes healing and well-being for both mother and baby.

Massage Therapy is $120 per hour

Couples Massage
Massage sessions are available side by side (with two therapists)or individually, one after another (with one therapist)Please specify your preference.Relax & Rejuvenate on a regular basis and earn credit toward a complimentary session!


 Traditional Henna Bar

Our natural henna art is simply beautiful and lasts up to 2 weeks.  We specialize in bridal and prenatal designs!  Choose small simple accents or large designs for any occasion.

Pricing starts at $35 each




Hands & Feet…

DIY Polish & Prep Bar -Let us bring absolutely everything you need to clip, file, soak, moisturize & polish your nails to perfection.  This is a fun activity for your spa party, and a beautiful set up! $15 per guest.

Natural Mani & Pedi– This is a truly pampering hand and foot treat that includes an essential oil soak, massage, and conditioning shea butter treatment for the cuticles and nails.  $40 for twenty minute sessions.

The Royal Treatment is the perfect gift for the guest of honor.  This luxurious spa treatment includes a flower petal & sea salt soak, natural exfoliation, volcanic mud mask, aromatherapy and reflexology massage of hands and feet. $60 for thirty minutes of bliss.